Logo Work
Logo Work These are some logos I have created for paying customers. A number of them are still in use today!
Promotional Book
Promotional Book This was a promotional marketing piece done for Knuckle Sandwich Films, a Nashville-based film and video company in the late 1990s.
Fan Club Calendar
Fan Club Calendar This was the 2nd calendar I did for Alan Jackson''s Fan Club. This proved to be one of their best selling items.
Marketing Brochure
Marketing Brochure This was a 16-page brochure created for Audio One in Nashville, TN. Audio One is a home theater and multimedia products company.
Trifold Brochure
Trifold Brochure This trifold was created for Way For Families in Colorado Springs.
Custom Brochure
Custom Brochure This was a custom designed marketing piece created for Minute Man Press in Nashville, TN. This piece encompassed a number of special printing techniques including spot UV, custom die cuts and unique fold-and-reveal flaps.
Publications Here are several covers representing local, national and international magazines, as well as an annual report.
Promotional Post Cards
Promotional Post Cards This was a special announcement mailing created for Gamma Blast, a multimedia video marketing company in Nashville, TN. It was to announce their name change.
Logo Concepts
Logo Concepts These are a few logo concepts I created. Most of these projects never materialized for one reason or another... only a couple chose another logo over what I had created.
CD Covers
CD Covers Remember these things? I used to do a LOT of CD covers back in "the day." These are a few of my favorites, for various reasons (usually it was due to the artist I was working with).
Healthcare Realty Trust
Healthcare Realty Trust Digital illustration of new building campus based on aerial photographs. All elements were drawn by hand in Illustrator due to a lack of any other CAD style file.
Kappa Sigma NASCAR Race Car
Kappa Sigma NASCAR Race Car Rendering of design elements created for the markings of a Kappa Sigma sponsored NASCAR vehicle driven by Ryan Ellis.

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Hi! I'm Ken Maynard... an idea man

Creativity is my passion. I love to come up with new ideas and develop them into solid marketing, branding and promotion avenues for my clients. I have over 3 decades of experience as a designer, printer and idea man. 


I doodle a lot. I laugh a lot. I read a lot. Here are the things I do really well: 


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